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Job Juggling: Your Now vs. Your Future

The working world's juggling act: maintaining peak performance in a current job while staying alert for something better. How does one focus on the now while capitalizing on the future? Simple: by becoming a twosome!

Enlisting the services of a professional recruiter (a.k.a. "headhunter") adds that future-focused dimension to your career life. While you're doing what you do best, your alter ego is searching the best places for you to do it. A recruiter's role is to look for you: for that responsibility, money, location, or joy you don't have in your present position. Best of all, they're ALWAYS alert, not just when you're unsettled for one reason or another.

Headhunters exist for virtually every occupation on earth, but statistics show that only 10-15% of individuals connecting with them ever get "placed" (i.e., put into a job). Why? Because the rules, mentality, and search profession systems are known only to those in it. Also, most job seekers can't tell the difference between the wizards and rogues of recruitment and, therefore, waste valuable time and energy in the wrong crowd. The best time to assess and partner with headhunters is before you need them…not in the throes of a desperate job search.

How do you find the right recruiter? How do you tap into the "hidden job market," that treasure-trove of sweet, unadvertised openings safeguarded by the search industry? What are the benefits of having a lifetime career manager™? Where can you turn, whether in transition or simply interested in getting top-value return from your life's work?

One valuable resource is Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters. This informative, resourceful guidebook, written by a 14-year recruiting veteran, escorts readers through the job-search jungle, providing the inside scoop on the mind and mechanics of executive recruiters. Headhunters Revealed! cuts through myths and misconceptions to reveal tips and techniques to help bag the best booster for your career — not merely for the next job, but for life! Chock-full of secrets headhunters do and don't want people to know, it illuminates that dark, mysterious profession so job seekers can intelligently utilize such secret-door-opening talent brokers.

Readers will discover how to:

  • Reap the enormous benefits of being a hunted head
  • Stay cool in the wrong job until the right one shows up
  • Assess and interview headhunters to find the best
  • Manage a career like an entrepreneur — for all it's worth
  • Establish "career partnerships" for lifetime payoff
  • Command the most from their "employable assets"
  • Position themselves strategically in a recruiter's database

    Darrell W. Gurney, CPC, JCTC, CCMC, RScP, has coached thousands of job seekers at all levels through profitable career moves. In addition to running his own firm, he writes articles for trade publications and speaks regularly at national industry events. Affiliated with over 600 executive recruiters worldwide, Darrell has won awards and praise from colleagues, clients, and candidates alike.

    Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters can be obtained online at or by calling 1-877-4HEADHUNT. Priced at $14.95 (softcover), it includes a Foreword by nationally syndicated career columnist and best-selling author Joyce Lain Kennedy. The book is available on-line and at Barnes and Noble nationwide. For more information, or to request an interview, contact Hunter Arts Publishing, P.O. Box 66578C, Los Angeles, CA, 90066, e-mail:

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