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Endorsements and Reviews for the Book Trade

Publishers Weekly:

“In many industries, recruiters are the key to a fruitful job search. For those job seekers who don’t know the difference between contingency and retained recruiters, among other nuances, Darrell W. Gurney’s friendly and concise Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters is a welcome resource. With helpful checklists and bulleted summaries, Gurney explains in upbeat, chummy prose all there is to know about the recruitment process—from what headhunters actually do (hint: it’s more than just peddling resumes) and why they can help your career to the best way to make yourself an attractive candidate (e.g., be specific about your needs, keep in mind long-term goals).”

The American Library Association's (ALA) Booklist:

"For some reason, the field of executive recruiting has always been cloaked in mystery, perhaps because recruiters deal with only a select group of candidates. Those on the "outside" seem to believe there is some sort of unknown ritual in getting tapped. Even headhunter, the popular term for the profession, suggests the exotic. Nearly three decades ago, Allan Cox first offered the Confessions of a Corporate Headhunter (1973); then, twenty years ago, John Wareham revealed Secrets of a Corporate Headhunter (1980). Now Gurney, a Certified Personnel Consultant who has practiced for 14 years, reveals why recruiters exist and what they do. He explains the differences between contingency and retained recruiting. He suggests how to capture the attention of recruiters and lays out the advantages of working with them. Gurney advises what recruiters want to hear in an interview and what they want to see on a resume. Of course, since the time when Cox and Wareham offered their inside looks, the Internet has become a major medium, and Gurney offers Web-savvy tips throughout."— David Rouse

The Midwest Book Review:

"In Headhunters Revealed! professional recruiter Darrell Gurney shares a wealth of witty and practical advice on how to reap the enormous benefits of being a "hunted head" in today's employment market; how to stay cool in the wrong job until the right one shows up; assessing and interviewing headhunters to find the best ones of you; how to manage your career like an entrepreneur for all it's worth; how to establish "career partnerships" for a lifetime payoff; commanding the most from your "employable assets"; and how to position yourself strategically in a recruiter's database. Highly recommended reading for all career minded men and women, Headhunters Revealed! demystifies what recruiters do and how best to take advantage of the recruitment system for the best job or corporate career you can get."

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