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Endorsements and Reviews for Headhunters Revealed! as a Recruiting/Job-search Industry Training Tool

"This book should be read and its contents thoroughly digested by anyone truly interested in managing their careers — or entering the placement and search industry! Packed full of useful information, tips, and techniques, I can honestly say, after twenty-eight years in this business, this book is the best I have read on the subject of job change and working with 'headhunters.' A must read."
-Terry Petra, CPC, CIPC, Top Search Industry Trainer and Consultant, and former Chairman of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)

"I would recommend this book for anyone searching for the right recruiter. More importantly, I would recommend this book for any recruiter searching for the right methodology. Perhaps we've found the best tool of all for bringing new consultants 'up to speed.' Since staffing is truly about helping people find the right career path, this book fills that niche nicely."
-Robert Lenthart, Director of Training & Development, Acsys, Inc.

"In an era when job-changers face an overabundance of less-than-satisfactory methods for advancing their careers, Headhunters Revealed! offers an insightful analysis of the ever-growing profession of search and recruiting and helps unlock the mysteries of how they can successfully utilize 'headhunters' to benefit from their unparalleled expertise."
-Paul Hawkinson, Publisher/Editor, The Fordyce Letter

"Over the past 25 years, I've read a number of books on headhunters. Darrell Gurney's Headhunters Revealed! made understanding the role of the headhunter and how to use a headhunter simple...something most other texts didn't do. I'd recommend including Headhunters Revealed! in the career resource center of any system responsible for helping people find their next job."
-Dick Gaither, President, Job Search Training Systems, Inc., and author of Wizard of Work...88 Pages To Your Next Job

"Loaded with valuable information for job seekers and professional recruiters alike. In an era where impersonal Internet job sites are becoming more common, Darrell correctly illustrates that anyone seeking a career change is still best served by an experienced, professional recruiter. I plan on using this book in our national training program."
-Mike Ettore, Vice President of Leadership Development,

"Well-organized and detailed. It covers all facets of job search through recruiters."
-Russ Riendeau, President, The Eastwing Group, and author of Thinking on Your Seat

"FINALLY, someone has taken the mystery out of what headhunters do and made them accessible and easily understood in this very readable tome chucked full of practical, REAL advice on how to get a headhunter to notice you and work with you. This is required reading for any candidate who wants to develop a partnership with a recruiter, and any recruiter who is focused on lasting candidate relationships. I know I will recommend it to every candidate who contacts me."
-Jeff Skrentny, CPC, CTS, Top Search Industry Trainer and Consultant, and President of the Jefferson Group

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