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Endorsements and Reviews for Job Seekers

"Headhunters Revealed! unlocks the secrets of finding a professional recruiter. Save yourself all the hassle of getting stuck with the wrong representation. Even if you aren't in the midst of making a career change, it's never too early to read this book."
-Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times Best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

"Executive Recruiters hold the key to the hidden job market. This straight-forward book shows you how to make this resource work for you."
-Wayne Cooper, CEO, Kennedy Information, publisher of The Directory of Executive Recruiters

"Headhunters Revealed! is an excellent and much needed guide to tracking down and working successfully with recruiters when you are looking for new opportunities.  Everyone tells you to connect with these professionals, but only Darrell tells you how."
-Margaret Riley Dikel, author of The Riley Guide and co-author, The Guide to Internet Job Searching

"Darrell Gurney's book, Headhunters Revealed!, is a must read for anyone considering a job change or for organizations using search firms. It removes critical myths regarding the staffing industry."
-David Harder, President, Careermotion, Inc., and author of The Truth About Work

"This book will undoubtedly help professionals learn how to advance and leverage their careers by working with 'headhunters.' Accurate, easy to read, and loaded with valuable've got a winner here!"
-Mike Kappel, President, Top Echelon Network

"The author shows step by step how to use recruiters for your own benefit. As a college student, I recommend to everyone who wants to get ahead — read it! This book is your guide to the future."
-Angelica Huang, Entry-Level College Grad

"Darrell's expansive knowledge of the job search arena enables him to reach both the novice and experienced job seeker. The examples and illustrations are 'on target' with accepted career strategies. This book is a must read for unhappily employed and unemployed professionals at all levels."
-Howard Pardue, Fortune 500 HR Director, and former Vice President/Managing Director of Right Management Consultants

"I thought the material was very timely and practical. I would be thrilled if every candidate read this book before calling me or sending in a resume."
-Lora Lea Mock, President, Professional Recruiters, Inc., and Chairperson of National Personnel Associates (NPA)

"In the increasingly maddening labyrinth of searching for the right career — a maze of job banks, web postings, and e-cruiters — the best source may still be the headhunter. Gurney explains the perspective, as well as the process, of the headhunter, lending some humanity to a much misunderstood profession."
-Danny Cahill, Top Search Industry Recruiter and Trainer, career management guru, and President of Hobson Associates

"Straight forward style makes it a fast, enjoyable read with great practical advice."
-Kathy Simmons, President, NETSHARE, Inc.

"Informative, helpful, and offers the insight as to how the industry operates in today's world of computers and e-mail. I read it twice to make certain I did not skip or jump over material that was important."
-Jeff Beatty, VP Marketing-Level Job-Seeker

"Headhunters Revealed! is a street-wise book that shows how anyone can easily use the incredible leverage of representation by a recruiter to supercharge their career!"
-Jeffrey G. Allen, JD, CPC, America's Leading Placement Attorney

"I liked the informal tone. I think that potential job-hunters could learn a lot from reading what you've written."
-Pat Loomis, Executive Assistant-Level Job-Seeker

"This breezy little book is for you! Arm yourself with the answers to questions the recruiter may ask. Never again will you have to go naked into a face-to-face or telephone interview."
-James Kennedy, Founder, Kennedy Information, Inc., publisher of The Directory of Executive Recruiters

"Conversational writing style and sense of humor make for an easy and informative read for people wanting to work more closely with their recruiter."
-Bob Mikesell, Partner, First Interview Network

"If both candidates and recruiters read and used this book, it would go a long way to establishing a relationship built on mutual trust and expectations."
-Bill Vick, Founder, Recruiters Online Network (RON)

"Finally someone bridged the gap — the gap of understanding between the job seeker and the professional headhunter. Headhunters Revealed! is a valuable tool and should be added to your home business/personal development library. You will use it during your next employment search."
-Al Schirmacher, CPC, President, Career Counseling & Search

"An honest approach to how headhunters work and what an applicant should expect. I appreciated your candid style."
-Gary Herman, Sales Management-Level Job-Seeker

"I would recommend Darrell's approach to anyone in the process of a job search. A must read book for anyone looking for that right job and how to find it."
-John McNamara, President, McNamara & Associates, and former Fortune 50 HR Director

"This is great stuff! Finally, someone who knows what he is talking about has written an honest, insightful and completely useful guidebook for dealing with our industry!"
-James R. Gettys, President, International Staffing Consultants, Inc.

"Any candidate that is preparing to discuss their career and market their skills will benefit from reading your book."
-Jim Sullivan, President, Galaxy Management Group

"Today, it isn't just about finding a job, it is about developing and managing a career. I would recommend this book to anyone who is truly serious about taking control of their work life and their future. It is a tremendous vehicle for delivering valuable career resources in a simple, yet powerful manner."
-Cheryl McClure, Director of Marketing, Acsys, Inc.

"This is a blueprint for getting the most mileage out of working with a headhunter."
-Dave Calhoun, President, Selective Recruiting Assoc., Inc.

"It is clear that you have a passion for writing, a passion for educating, and a passion for humor. I sat back, read it, and enjoyed!"
-Vikki Loving, President, Intersource, Ltd.

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