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Educate Your Candidates and Make a (Bigger) Fortune!

Recruiter's Lives Made Easier
How many times have you wished professional job seekers knew how you operate and what you need in order to help them? From the basics of your being paid by the client to the intricacies of preparing and sending their resume in a keyword searchable, electronic form, candidates are simply not aware of the mind and mechanics of executive recruiters.

Now, There's An Answer
Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters was written specifically for this reason: to inform candidates of everything you'd like them to know but never have the time to tell them. They get better service and your life as a recruiter is made easier through dealing with an informed population.

Impact the Internet Drift
Not only is every what, when, why, and how of working successfully with recruiters answered, but candidates are encouraged to partner with their favorite recruiters for "lifetime career management™." As job seekers grow more Internet-search savvy, a recruiter's role becomes more that of a solutions provider for the candidate. Therefore, it's more crucial than ever for job seekers to understand that obtaining a position through a recruiter offers value-added benefits they won't get through cyberspace.

Activating the Passive
Fostering career partnerships™ with candidates allows recruiters to short-circuit the direct-hire Internet drift. By providing companies with access to premium, passive candidates they won't find through online databases, a recruiter ensures his/her value-added role with clients as well. Win-Win-Win!

Headhunters Revealed! is a step-by-step job seeker's guide to getting the most out of working with professional recruiters. In its 208 pages, the author covers: 1. The substantial benefits of being placed by recruiters. 2. How to isolate and partner with search professionals for long-term career management. 3. The best ways to approach and interact with recruiters, including in-depth resume submission guidelines. 4. And everything in between. All of this in a simple, humorous, easy to understand manner so that even the average, non-techy professional will have no trouble reading it and putting the book's advice to work — for them and you!

A few examples of what job seekers will learn from Darrell W. Gurney's book, "Headhunters Revealed!"
  • 1. The need to submit their resume first, before calling, so less time is wasted on everyone's part if the recruiter can't help them.
  • 2.The mentality of a recruiter as a highly-paid corporate and candidate solutions provider, not a social service worker.
  • 3. The importance of utmost honesty in having their recruiter fully informed about everything.
  • 4. How always having their most updated career information on file with recruiters helps them stay continuously (though passively) "on alert" for their dream job.
  • 5. The value of e-mailing their resume, rather than mailing or faxing, to get into the recruiter's system sooner.
  • 6. How constructing their information in keyword searchable form (e.g., products, industries, functions, skills, certifications, etc.) allows recruiters to best help them.

    Darrell W. Gurney, CPC, JCTC, CCMC, RScP, the book's author and Career Coach, has been a professional recruiter for 14 years. Affiliated with over 600 professional search firms worldwide, Darrell has won awards and praise from colleagues, clients, and candidates alike. Through owning and operating a nationwide professional search firm, he has personally educated thousands of candidates on how to best work with recruiters. Now, dropping the headhunter mask in a detailed, witty, and inspiring way, any job seeker (and, therefore, recruiter) can benefit from his "behind-the-scenes" education.

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    Headhunters Revealed! is available online for $14.95 (plus shipping) at Phone orders can also be taken at 1-877-4HEADHUNT.

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    Please be clear: This is not a ploy to get your candidates! There is no reference made in either the book or the Web site to the author's own search firm. The purpose is simply to educate candidates, to make their lives — and yours — a bit easier.

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