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Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets
for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters

by Darrell W. Gurney, CPC, JCTC, CCMC, RScP


ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants top-value return from their life's work, regardless of professional level or occupation. Headhunters Revealed! delivers the mindset of "owning your own business," even when working for someone else, such that you are constantly attuned to the value of your greatest asset — yourself! Recruiters serve as "investment advisors," assisting in the movement of your assets into their highest profitability: your perfect job. Whether in transition for a better position now or simply wanting to explore "lifetime career management™," this book is for you! More...

In addition to its 19 fact-filled chapters, you'll find appendices with critical design tools for today's electronic resumes, a complete directory of Internet recruiter resources, and step-by-step procedures for effectively connecting with recruiters. The book's Foreword is by nationally syndicated career columnist and best-selling career author Joyce Lain Kennedy.

"It never hurts to keep your eyes and ears open--no matter what position you're in!" (Gene Greytak as Pope John Paul II)

Author Bio

DARRELL W. GURNEY, Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Certified Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC), Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), and Licensed Spiritual Counselor (RScP), is a 15-year recruiting veteran and career advisor, supporting thousands of job-seeking professionals at all levels through profitable transitions. In addition to running his own firm, he writes articles for trade publications and speaks regularly at industry events.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in Finance and International Business, Darrell spent his early career with Arthur Young (Ernst & Young) in London. Consulting with a career-coaching firm at the age of 24, he utilized the "Backdoor Job Search" method to meet with 7 CFOs of the top Hollywood entertainment studios and landed an international financial position with MGM/United Artists Pictures. Through these initial experiences, he developed an understanding of the corporate structure and what it takes to get in…and get ahead. Based in Los Angeles, he coaches clients in his Backdoor Job Search method and, as a recruiter, has placed professionals nationwide.  Microsoft, America Online, Hunt-Wesson, and American Express have all utilized Darrell's professional services.

Darrell is the author of Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters. The book received the 2001 Clarion Award for Best Book from the Association for Women in Communications, has been reviewed in Publishers Weekly, the American Library Association's Booklist, and Midwest Book Review, and has been featured in nationally syndicated career columnist Joyce Lain Kennedy's "Careers Now." Available now online through and, this book has accomplished unheard of feats for a self-published book.

Darrell's free-lance career articles and mentions have appeared on the Wall Street Journal's, Business Week Online, MSN Careers,, and Wall Street Journal Radio.  He is a featured speaker at local and national events such as the LA Times CareerBuilder Career Expo, The Career Masters Institute Annual Conference (Washington, DC, and San Diego), The Professional Resume Writers & Research Association Annual Conference (New Orleans), The International Career Development Conference (Irvine) and is the Los Angeles facilitator for executive networking meetings sponsored by

A staunch advocate of what he calls "career partnership™," Darrell promotes a lifetime of teamwork between job seekers, career coaches and recruiters. He is also a practitioner and advocate of the freedoms to be gained by individuals choosing to drop the whole corporate game and work from home.  Through his online e-zine, The Career Secrets™ Newsletter, media interviews, public speaking and career coaching, and home-based business support, Darrell's purpose is to empower individuals to reap the most from their life's work.

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Grammar & Language Footnote

Part I Candidate Basic Training:
A Hunting We Will Go…

CHAPTER 1     Why Recruiters Exist and What They Do
CHAPTER 2     Why Be a Hunted Head?
CHAPTER 3     Staying Cool
CHAPTER 4     Am I Strong? Am I Marketable? Do People Like Me?
CHAPTER 5     Staying Sane
Candidate Basic Training Check-list

Part II Choosing a Recruiter:
Finding the Right Place to Lay Your Head

CHAPTER 6     They Pay Me Now or They Pay Me Later
CHAPTER 7     Listener vs. Round-Hole Filler
CHAPTER 8     Trust and Clout: Trout!
CHAPTER 9     Systems Savvy Search
CHAPTER 10   Being That Special Someone
Choosing a Recruiter Check-list

Part III Using a Recruiter:
Putting Your Head to Work

CHAPTER 11     Own Your Own Business
CHAPTER 12     Career Management/Partnering
CHAPTER 13     A Day in the Life…
CHAPTER 14     Recruiter Etiquette
CHAPTER 15     Regular Check-Ups
Using a Recruiter Check-list

Part IV Hi-Tech Headhunting:
Resumes for Database Jungle Fighting

CHAPTER 16     Byte Me!
CHAPTER 17     Grease is Slicker Than Sandpaper
CHAPTER 18     A Loaded Gun is Best for Hunting
CHAPTER 19     Cover Yourself!
Hi-Tech Headhunting Check-list


APPENDIX A     Resumes for Recruiters
APPENDIX B     Submitting Your E-Mail Resume
APPENDIX C     Resources

About the Author

Headhunters Revealed!
Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters

by Darrell W. Gurney, CPC, JCTC, CCMC, RScP

This empowering and witty guidebook exposes the inside workings of the recruiting industry so professional job seekers can reap the most rewards from this viable avenue of career transition. Written by a 14-year search-industry veteran, it is far from self-serving, giving both the scoop and the poop on the business of executive search. Headhunters Revealed! cuts through myths and misconceptions, shining a light on this dark and mysterious world to reveal tips and techniques for commanding the attention, and even "career partnership™," of professional recruiters. In today's frenetic and ever-changing employment e-world, perhaps the recruiter remains the best long-term booster for a person's career. Put them wisely to work for you!

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